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Before Breakfast – GH5 4K

As you may know or not know, I had been busy in Benue State the past few days shooting a Health Documentary for a Non-Governmental Organization. I will be writing a blog post on this as we had to cut-short the trip due to the Sallah break.  We’re looking to continue right after the break and holidays are over. I will be posting videos and Pictures of my trip on my blog.

Anyways, this morning while I set Rice on the burner to boil I took the opportunity to visit my farm as I had been away with my Panasonic GH5. I spotted a trail of “Soldier Ants” going about their business; there I began filming.

My trip to the farm which should have lasted about 7 mins (cause obviously I had food on fire), went on to about 30mins. Damn! I remembered the Rice I had boiling on fire….lol….I was lucky not to have set my House on fire…

I must say, I am happy how my plants have began fruiting with the Tomatoes first. The pepper has begun but not fully visible. The Ugwu (Nkong Ubong – in my native language) is growing rapidly.

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