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Stay Alive – The Short Film by Mark Justice

Stay Alive – The short film by Mark Justice, is about a young lady who takes her life. She is not aware that the letter she receives from her employer is a promotion letter and not a sack letter. She is also not aware that her boy-friend’s behaviour towards her is only just a trick and that he would be proposing soon. She returns home from work to an eviction notice.

Just before she discovers that her boy-friend was playing pranks and that the letter from her employer is a promotion letter, she drinks some poison and is met half-dead on her bed at home by her boyfriend who presents her with the ring and rushes her out of the house in his hands to try to save her.

Enjoy the pictures and video below:

Casts: Adewole Tolani, Adegoke Olufemi, Ekundayo Abiodun

Director of Photography: Iniabasi Udosen

Videography: Mark Justice, Prince Enukegwu
Photos by: Oyekunle Photography
Graphics by: Believe Stanley, Adegoke Olufemi
Production Manager: Nifty Afia
Light & Sound: Oyomnude Mark, Praise Osa’s
Story by: Mark Justice
Script by: Sam Gaza
Directed by: Sola Oyeniyi
Makeup by: Manddi’Z Arts Studios
Voice-over: Moses Adinfono
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