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The Royalties of Northern Nigeria

So I am seated here in the waiting lounge of the Maiduguri International Airport. They say it’s an international airport but nothing looks international at least to me..

Anyways lemme continue. I recall my conversation with the driver who drove me to the airport straight from the University of Maiduguri.

Maigari is his name. Maigari has taught and educated me on things I never knew; the hierarchy in royalties of the northern part of Nigeria.

Firstly, the Sultan of Sokoto is the highest. Then you have the Shehu and then the Emir. So Sanusi na boy for where the shehus and sultans are. Next is the Waziri then the Danjima and lastly the Zanna.

But before all of this, I met with the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sokoto. Bishop Matthew Kukah. A lively, comedic and interesting Man of God. Before I knew who he was, he stopped me at the entrance door to the Kukah Centre already named after him right there in the University of Maiduguri, maybe cos of my beards, shook me and asked of my name. Such a wonderful man I must say.

Well this summaries my recent trip to Maiduguri. Peace is coming.

And although I like the title Waziri just because of the way it sounds, I want to be called the SULTAN of AKWA IBOM STATE…..

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